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Our quality products include:
  • Electrical Enclosures
  • Computer Panels and Cabinets
  • Microwave Components (Communications/Industrial Ovens)
  • Tubular Frames
  • Radiation Enclosures
  • Brackets

The following are a few samples of our products.
Control Panel (brushed aluminum with welded corners). Brushed aluminum flat panels w/silk screen. Lead lined stainless steel radiation enclosure.
Wave Guide Launching Section. Electronic Panel. Electronic Enclosure. Router Enclosure.
Klystron Tank cover. Klystron Tank cover. Klystron Tank cover. Pulse Transformer Tank Cover.
25 KVA Transformer Tank. 25 KVA Transformer Tank. 25 KVA Transformer Tank W/Cover. CPU Enclosure.
Scrubber Cabinet (self closing doors and windows).
CPU Enclosure.
25 KVA Pulse Transformer Tank.

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